Holiday Home

Provincetown, MA
For hundreds of years boat fragments, rope, and lumber have been washing up on the shores of Cape Cod. There were times when entire ships ran aground on these barriers of sand; life earnings spilling over and out into the shallows for others to plunder. Treasures are hard to come by these days, so we foraged and found drift wood and a fragment from the side of a ship.  With it we made a shack. It was our home on the edge of the world.
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Lost Coast Patriotism

A Little Longer, Trips

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Happy 4th of July everyone, this year leave the BBQ to your neighbors and do the most patriotic thing you can – explore and treasure your protected lands. (Or just combine it all and break out the Dutch Oven BBQ ribs over the campfire).
Lost Coast 4th of July – Black Sands Beach to Mattole River
South to North – 24.4 miles
Day 1 – 8 miles – Black Sands Beach to Big Flat
Day 2 – 6 miles – Big Flat to Oat Creek
Day 3 – 7.2 miles – Oat Creek to Punta Gorda
Day 4 – 3.2 miles – Punta Gorda to Mattole River
More photos after the jump of last years 4th of July backpacking adventure along the northern half of California’s Lost Coast.